Sunday, March 1, 2015

(Post 4) Mar. 1-From The Window...

Looking at you from the spare bedroom!
Kacey not hitting his head - woohoo!

Today was a very exciting day--we finished putting the sub-floor on the trailer and then, as you can see from the pictures, framed out the first wall!

We started the day at about 8:00 and worked quickly as we got the rest of the sub-floor in.  If you picture a learning curve, we had already plateaued--we were sub-flooring experts!  Our egos grew slightly, but shrunk immediately when we realized that now it was time ... to ... build ... a ... wall.  With the sub-floor, you could literally cover up your mistakes.  I mean, do people even know that a sub-floor exists?!

We procrastinated a little bit (10:30 is lunch time, right?) and then checked and double-checked the plans and the instructional DVD.  Somewhat reluctantly, we walked back outside and carefully measured the 2x4 for the edge of the wall that runs along the front of the trailer.  The plans said that it would measure 88 inches.  It measured only 86.  So confident were we in our sub-flooring skills that we uttered something like, "You buy plans and you sort of hope they are actually accurate..."  Some karmic god somewhere no doubt started chuckling.

It was after we had the whole wall framed out flat on the trailer, not yet nailed together that Kacey (oh, thank God for Kacey!) thought to make sure that the all-thread rods would fit where they were supposed to.  They...did...not...

That's right, folks, we forgot one little step when building out the sub-floor.  It was a 1.5 inch mistake and was fixed in about 20 minutes.  We had to put 1/2 inch plywood around the edge of the 2x4s that were along the edge of the trailer.  So, basically, we've got a trailer wrapped in 2x4s wrapped in plywood.  Wrap that whole thing in bacon and you'd practically have a meal.

Anyways, we were quickly back on track, humbled, and steeled to finish the wall before sundown.  As you can see, we were successful!  After posing for pictures, we rested the wall back on the trailer.  Once all four walls are built, we will have a "Raise the Roof Walls" party!  Beer might be provided, but bring your own working gloves.

One more piece of sub-floor left.  
Gus and two bones.  Does he need two?!
The sub-floor's done!  
Beginning to frame out the wall.
Gus and me in the spare bedroom!

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  1. Congratulations on getting the first wall built! Very exciting! Mom