Tuesday, March 17, 2015

(Post 5) Mar. 17-Better Late Than Never?

KP and Uncle Mike helping move the wall (!!) off of the trailer.  Check out why below.

After a flurry of blog posts, there was a two week delay--our apologies!  If you were anything like us, though, you needed a bit of a break.

I've had a sizable break and Kacey has rested for just one day.  For me, the past two weeks have consisted of trainings--participating in 'em and leading 'em, giving me no time to work on the tiny house since I was out of town.  All of the trainings were successful and I'm happy to be back with the boys (Kacey and Gus).

One of the things that Kacey and I are realizing is that with something so exciting happening at home, it is challenging to stay focused and present at work.  Yikes!  (Let the record show that I am working on this post over my lunch hour).  For all you SuperCamp folks out there, my 9-5 is a GREAT place to practice "This is it." I'm better than ever before.

Okay, enough chit-chat.  Since I've been out of pocket, Kacey has had 3 full days to continue our build.  In that time, he has framed out the two long walls that run along the sides of the trailer.  Slightly worrying that he is so productive without me, though he assures me it's purely coincidental.

Kacey also discovered that the plywood we put down at first was 1/4'' too thin.  Boohoo.  So, he had a few work friends (see above) help him move the walls off of the trailer bed so that he could put down yet another layer of subfloor.  At this point, the floor of our tiny house could withstand the Hulk doing jumping jacks.

Next steps include standing the walls up vertically and framing out the roof and dormer.  I'm really nervous for that part.

Any couple that's done a home remodel has probably experienced what I am about to describe.  Imagine that one half of the couple asks the other to make a decision about, say, the style of the windows (which, by the way, are SUPER expensive).  That half indicates his/her preference, to the slight dismay of the other half.  The preference for the style of window is different!  Have you experienced something like this?  How did you make your final decision?

If you're curious, Kacey and I have decided on windows with wood interior trim, red exterior trim, no grill, some kind of opening mechanism (TBD), and screens.*
*subject to change
Look at the very precise framing over the wheel hub.  Go Kacey!
The two large walls, one on top of the other.  Go Kacey!
Another view of the two walls.  Go Kacey!
No, you're not seeing things wrong, we (Kacey and a few buddies) had to take the wall off to add another layer of plywood.  Bring on the Hulk.


  1. Awesome trailer! How many pounds is the trailer rated to haul?