Thursday, February 26, 2015

(Post 3) Feb. 26 - Shall We Dance?

On Tuesday, Kacey did not go to work.  Instead, he worked on putting the sub-floor on the trailer. For the record, he had the day off--neither one of us are in the habit of shirking our professional duties.

Previously, we had secured the 2x4s to the trailer.  The next step was to cover the exposed metal on the trailer with seam sealer and then put plywood down on the floor and bolt those to the trailer--providing another layer of protection between the inside of the house and elements and squeezing the insulation in place.

The all-thread rods were, once again, something to be reckoned with.  Kacey had to drill holes in the plywood so that they slid down over the all-thread rods.  He sent me pictures of his progress all day at work and I was wishing I were at home beside him (I'm pretty much always wishing that, though, tiny house or not).  When I got home, the palms of his hands were red and nearly blistered--maybe he worked too hard?

The sub-floor is half done.  I think it looks like a dance floor.  Here's what I think would be fun: a tiny house on one trailer, a dance floor on another, a gym on another, etc.  Then, we could drive down the road (okay, okay, with a HUGE truck) pulling our house and all our hobbies.  First things first, though, build the house.

On Sunday, we'll finish the sub-floor and start working on framing the house.  This is the part that makes me nervous--the ridge beam is so heavy and has to go along the very top of the house!

Our stack of framing materials from Ashby Lumber is considerably smaller than it was previously.  It's exciting to me making visible progress so soon after we started.

Thank you for checking in.  It really is exciting to share our tiny house journey with you!
You can see, well, Gus looking cuter than ever, and the exposed trailer covered with seam sealer.
Close-up of first piece of sub-floor.  Notice the *%!^@% all-thread rod.
Zoomed out view.
1/4 done.

1/2 done.

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  1. Great to see Catherine in Denver on Wednesday. Nice work on the sub-floor. GmaDee says she is living vicariously through the blog! Love Mom