Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(Post 2) Feb. 24 - It doesn't look like much...yet

After successfully completing the first five steps, culminating in a mini-freak out, we got the trailer in our backyard and were ready to get started with construction.

The first step was to level out the trailer which people said would be really hard.  It wasn't.

The next step was to insulate the trailer.  It is, after all, the floor of our house, so it's important that it be protected from the elements.  Essentially, we cut slabs of insulation to size and put two in each section of the trailer.  We then filled in the gaps with "Gaps and Cracks" expanding foam.  Kacey was an expert (no surprise there).  I was very messy at first (no surprise there, either).  It did make us both crave soft serve ice cream, though.  So far we've resisted.

After that, we attached 2x4s to the perimeter of the trailer. The footprint of the house will extend just slightly beyond the edge of the trailer, hence the added 2x4s.  People said this step would be really easy.  It wasn't.  Perhaps because of sub-par tools or not-sharp-enough screws, it was exhausting drilling the 2x4s to the trailer.  But we did it.

Kacey hard at work.  Thankfully (for the structural integrity of our house) Kacey measures a lot.

You can see the sun rising over our backyard.

Just over 1/3 done.

Halfway done.

Slowly but surely.

Progress--slow and steady.

We were delighted and a little bit nervous to realize that Gus is about 1/24 of our new house.

Nearly done, spray foam is everywhere.  (Even on Gus' face)

All insulated, spray foam all cut off.

Notice the 2x4 attached to the back of the trailer.

Close-up.  We had to cut the wood so that it fit around the all-thread rod.

View from the back of the trailer.


  1. This is terrific! A wonderful adventure and it's great you are sharing it with all of us with pics and narrative! I would also like to see more pics of Beck workin'. Love, Dad

  2. Hey, Big Guy, Building a blog with pictures qualifies as work too, doncha know. And P.S. we got pics of Beck cutting insulation via text. Question for Cope-Beck: What's under that insulation? I want it to be safe from varmints and roadkill and "so on". Love, Mom

  3. P.S. I understand that blogs track things in chronological order, AND I would love it if you'd put the date in the title. It woudl help me out. XXOO Mom

  4. Which one is Cope and which one is Beck?

    1. Kacey (the boy) is Cope, and Catherine (the girl) is Beck! It's a combination of our last names :)

    2. Ah, great. I'm impressed with your work. Looks like it's going to be a fabulous tiny house. Really like the idea of french doors. I don't think I've ever seen them at the end of a tiny house before... usually on the side. I like it.
      Following you on wordpress.