Sunday, September 6, 2015

Post 15 (Sept. 6)-Windows, and Showers, and Doors, oh my!

The door is in permanently--sealed and everything!  The gothic window above it is also sealed.  AND, we put the hardware on the door and locked it for the first time!  We have house keys to our tiny house woot woot
This day has been a long time coming.  We first had the windows delivered in June and waited until today to finish the install due to a couple of imperfections from the factory.  Ron at ABS Building Supply helped us repair and replace the necessary parts, and today we put in the last two windows and permanently put in the front door!  And the handles on the door woo hoo!

On his day off this week, Kacey built a frame for our shower with the advice of Shane from Letts Plumbing (who, by the way, was awesome!).  I came home from work on Friday and Kacey was using this greenish, definitely moldy-looking wood to frame out the shower.  I didn't say anything, but I was thinking--shouldn't he use wood that's not going to mold since it's going to be so close to the shower??  Kacey then mentioned that he didn't want to waste any of it.  Before I could say, "Why??" Kacey said, "It's really expensive since it's been green-treated and is mold-resistant."  He is almost always one step ahead of me.

The frame is solid.  I mean, Shrek could shower in our tiny house and the trailer is likely to bust before the shower does.  Do me a favor and ignore the faulty logic there.
The inside of our 32 x 35 shower.  It's surprisingly roomy in there.
I already mentioned that Shane from Letts Plumbing advised Kacey on how to frame out the shower.  He did so much more!  We are always so nervous about inviting contractors over because we are so excited about this tiny house and to many, we are just another, very, very small project that is more complicated than it is exciting.  In preparation for the plumber's visit, Kacey had all of these questions in the event that he had to do all of the plumbing himself, that he was able to throw out the window when Shane arrived because Shane was so excited, so knowledgeable, and so creative.  We are so glad he's joined the team to help us bring this project to completion!

Pat at Ashby Lumber continues to help us out big time, too.  We ordered some rough cut cedar 2 x 4s and with rough cut wood, you pretty much just cross your fingers and hope that you get some good pieces.  We don't know what Pat did, but the 2 x 4s that we got are b-e-a-u-tiful!

Also on our team and knocking it out of the park is Kristen at Chic Interiors.  She is doing an amazing job helping us visualize what the interior will look like and make decisions!

 Every now and then, Kacey and I long to be back in Colorado.  We miss the community and the help-your-neighbor mentality and the strong safety net.  Right now, after a long, hot day, we are vegged out on the couch in the big house feeling very, very lucky.  Despite our somewhat hermitic tendencies, Kacey and I are building a community of professionals, friends, family, and neighbors who are on this tiny house journey with us.

A final thought before we're off to Grizzly Peak to watch the sunset (!!!)--I am the kind of person who, if left to her own devices, may interpret life as a series of touching sadnesses.  The kind where life is so heartbreakingly wonderful that it leaves me sighing with a gentle kind of sadness.  Kacey is the kind of person who, if left to his own devices, may interpret life as a series of irreverent comedies.  The kind where life is so strange, so absurdly hilarious that you can't help but throw your hands in the air and laugh.

So together, we meet in the middle.  The heartbreakingly wonderful and the absurdly hilarious become fun and joy.  For example, today we joked that a J-roller (a tool we've found to be practically useless, though was touted to us as the most important tool in putting the flashing on) is actually a gag-gift among general contractors or the absolutely least wanted present at white elephant gift exchanges.  The kind that get passed around year, after year, to one unlucky victim after the next.  They tell their buddies, "Yeah, man, this year I got stuck with the J-roller.  Dammit!"

Despite the hiccups, the frustrations, and the staple guns through the fingers, we are having fun.
Gus, still interested in his antler.  Much more so than flashing, silicone caulk, or even shims.