Sunday, September 27, 2015

Post 16 (Sept. 27)-Moving Indoors

Kitchen countertops and a cubby for the stove.  There must be a technical term for that. Maybe it's cubby.
Still no metal roof, but soon, Barth Roofing is going to do the roof for us!  Still no exterior siding because we want to have the plumbing and electrical done prior to putting up the siding.  So, we've decided to continue to work on the interior of the house.  It's very likely that the outside of the house and the inside of the house will be done at the same time.  Wouldn't that be... funny?

For the past few weeks, we (95% Kacey and 5% me) have been working on building cabinets for the kitchen.  David Gates, if you're reading this, we have so much respect for you!! Making nice cabinets is no small feat!  The cabinets along the wall will be the same heights as the stove once we build the toe-kick.  It won't be any ordinary toe-kick.  It will be a drawer!

We continue to be thankful for our great team and are excited that Shane from Lett's Plumbing is going to do the plumbing for us this week.  And, Kristen from Chic Interiors (whose new website looks awesome) is going above and beyond, now helping us plan the electrical.

Not too much to report tonight, so now for the pictures!

We also built two interior walls.  This is one.  Each of the walls is 7 inches deep.  One will be storage, the other will house the electrical panel.  My mother said, "You have two interior walls in that house?!" 
The kitchen sink will be an under mount below that window.