Sunday, June 14, 2015

Post 11 (June 14)-Cops are excited about tiny houses, too.

The three of us hanging out in the loft B.R. (before roof)
A few weeks ago, I get a text message from Kacey, "Windows are going to be ready on Wednesday!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!"  A few minutes later, another text, "I was so excited I got pulled over for speeding."  A few minutes later, "Cop was so excited about our tiny house that he only gave me a warning."

The following week, I was working in Mexico City and on Wednesday, the windows were delivered and Kacey sent me the picture below, with this text message, "Windows are easy."

Later that evening, another text message rolls in, "Check out Tiny Nest on YouTube."  Tiny Nest is a vlog (video blog) that details a couple's tiny house construction--they include so much helpful stuff, and when it comes to getting the windows, dare I say, properly installed, they saved. our. bacon.  I was in the middle of watching a Tiny Nest when another text message rolls in, "Just kidding, windows are crazy."

To properly install windows, you must:

  • Put house wrap on (waterproofs the house and acts as a membrane between the plywood and the exterior).  In fairness to Kacey, he did know that we would have to take the windows out to put the house wrap on--he was just eager to see what it looked like with windows.
  • Put in an angled sill so that if water were to hit the sill, it would drip out of the house.
  • Cover the sill with a waterproofing membrane.
  • Put silicone caulk along the perimeter of the rough opening to seal the screw and nail holes.
  • Put the window in (finally!).
  • Screw the window in.
  • Wait for the silicone caulking to dry.
  • Line the window with more of the waterproofing membrane.  
  • Cover the top of the waterproofing membrane with the house wrap.
Phew!  Today we worked on the windows.  The pictures below show all of the work we've done in the past month.  I've been remiss in blog posts because I was, well, trying to do good work at my day job.

Framing the outrigger along the back of the house.

Gus in the loft. 

The loft--with the roof done (notice the venting along the ridge beam) and most of the windows cut out.

Close up of the rough openings in the loft.

Roofing on the outrigger.

And I quote, "Windows are easy."

We must first, however, do the house wrap (to be said with a sigh).

All wrapped up!  Kacey worked in Monterey last week, so we wanted the house to be waterproof!

Our work today!  Half of the windows are in! (We put in the windows on the side of the house that we photograph for the blog so that we look really productive--you impressed?!)

Our french doors open.  Welcome to our home!

Oh yes, and we're already sleeping in the tiny house.  It is so cool to fall asleep and wake up in a house that we built!

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