Wednesday, April 8, 2015

(Post 7) Apr. 8 -Slowly but surely

The two of us standing in our front door.
All three future residents smiling at you from the kitchen.  We have one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen, but when we even try to take a picture of him, something terrible happens and the full extent of his cuteness is never captured. 
The next step in the process was to put sheathing around the outside of the wall framing.  In order to make the house very sturdy (in case we ever take it down a highway), we nailed and glued the sheathing to the 2x4s.  In talking with a friend of ours who is in construction, this is not a process that is typically used in more traditional builds.

One of the most wonderful things about putting the sheathing on was that it made our house so much stronger.  For experienced builders out there, I'm sure that sentence is like, "Yeah, lady, of course, that's why we do it."  But this being my first house and all... When we just had the framed walls up, the house rocked when I pushed it.  I thought, "How will it ever withstand even the slightest breeze?" Now, Kacey and I can both push on it and it doesn't budge.

It really is starting to look like a house.  Next, we frame out the roof.

In this picture, you can see the sheathing of the two long walls.  The rough openings for the windows have already been cut out of the side closest to the camera.  The sheathing of the short side had not yet been completed at the time of the picture, but it's been completed now :)

The sheathing around the opening for the front door.  We just placed the order for our double door :)

Another shot of the opening for the front door.  Oh, and Kacey's truck.

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